• Faculty of Veterinary & Animal Sciences

    SL No. Title Program Type Venue Duration/Day
    1. Farmers Training Programme organized by Project under TSP (2 days) Training a. Mohanpur Campus, WBUAFS,
    b. Lodhasuli, Jhargram
    c. Purbasthali-I, East Bardwan
    d. Bali-I, South 24 Parganas
    a. 15th-16th March,2017
    b. 18th-19th March,2017
    c. 21st-22nd March,2017
    d. 24th-25th March, 2017
    2. Summer Training for B. Tech. (Biotechnology) students on ‘Immuno-biochemical Techniques’ Training Belgachia, WBUAFS June-July, 2016
    3. Refresher’s training programme for the field veterinarians on Electrocardiographic technique for assessing the health status of the animal Refresher Course Polyclinic, Burdwan May, 2016
    4. Training on Rural Backyard Poultry Training Mohanpur Campus, WBUAFS 28th February, 2017
  • Faculty of Fishery Sciences

    SL No. Title Program Type Venue Duration/Day
    1. Advances on Fish/Shrimp Health Management Training Government Fisheries Technological Station, Junput, Midnapore (E). Dept of Fisheries, Western zone, Govt. of West Bengal 20th-22nd September, 2016
    2. Prevention and Management of Fish and Shrimp Diseases Training Barasat Meen Bhawan, Barasat 20th-22nd September, 2016
    3. Assessment of Extent of Community Dependence on the Coastal Ecologically Sensitive Areas (ESAs) in Bhitarkanika, Odisha Training Pattamundai, Bhitarkanika 19th-22nd  April, 2016
    4. Basic procedures on Fish Processing and Post Harvest Handling during a 5-day Training Program organized by FFRTC, Kulia, Kalyani, Government of WB Exposure visit- cum – demonstration Faculty of Fishery Sciences, Chakgaria 8th June, 2017
    5. One month Hands on Training programme Training Faculty of Fishery Sciences, Chakgaria June-July 2016
  • Directorate of Research, Extension & Farms

    SL No. Title Program Type Venue Duration/Day
    1. Toxicological Effects Of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (Pahs) In Mammalian Reproductive Cell Seminar lecture by Prof. (Dr.). Samir S. Raychoudhury Meeting room of Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, WBUAFS 25th November, 2016
    2. Train the Trainer Programmes on Animal Health Worker, Aquaculture Worker and Dairy Farmer Job roles Training Farmer’s Hostel,  Belgachia 19th -21st December, 2016
    3. Enhancement of Livelihood security through sustainable development of livestock and Fishery sectors sponsored by NFDB, Govt. of India National Symposium WBUAFS, Kolkata 10th -11th  January, 2017
    4. Management of Grazing Land- The Tragedy of the Common Seminar lecture by Dr. Nityananda Das Farmer’s Hostel,  Belgachia 27th January, 2017
    5. On-Campus Interview for recruitment of Veterinary Graduates for Veterinary Field-Related marketing On-Campus Interview Farmer’s Hostel, Belgachia 14th February, 2017
    6. Skill upgradation of fisher folks on Aquaculture practices and Post Harvest Techniques Farmers’ training cum awareness programme Faculty of Fishery Sciences, Chakgaria 7th-9th March, 2017
    7. Empowerment of Rural Women through traditional Dairy Food Processing in the Development of Entrepreneurship Training cum awareness programme Faculty of Dairy Technology, Mohanpur, Nadia 15th-17th March, 2017
    8. One day interface meeting with the WBCS officers (Veterinarians), Deputy Director & PO, ARD, Govt. of West Bengal, Officers and Head of the Department of WBUAFS and Programme Coordinator and Subject Matter Specialists of all disciplines from Krishi Vigyan Kendras Interface Meeting VCI meeting Room, Kolkata 18th March, 2017
    9. Refresher and Hands on Training Course on Advanced Diagnostic Imaging in Veterinary Practices Refresher and Hands on Training Course Farmer’s Hostel, Belgachia 17th -21st April, 2017
    10. 5 days exposure visit programme under ATMA scheme 2016-17 Exposure Visit of Farmers University Campus Belgachia, Kolkata 25th -29th April, 2017
    11. Three Review Meetings of all the PCs, SMS of all disciplines and other technical staff from three KVKs under WBUAFS Review Meetings Farmer’s Hostel, Belgachia 27th June,2017, 12th September 2017 and
    3rd January, 2018
    12. Role of KVK: in institutional building vis-à-vis resource generation Training Farmer’s Hostel, Belgachia 28th-30th June, 2017
    13. 3 days exposure visit programme of the farmers and Pranimitras Exposure Visit of Farmers & Pranimitras Farmer’s Hostel, Belgachia 22nd-24th August, 2017
    14. Conservation of indigenous breeds of small ruminants in their respective tracts. ICAR Sponsored 10 days’ Short Course Farmer’s Hostel, Belgachia 18th-27th July, 2017
    15. Master Trainer Training programme funded by Agriculture Skill Council of India (ASCI) Training Farmer’s Hostel, Belgachia 3rd-4th August, 2017
    16. Effective Extension Methodology in Dissemination of Technology through KVK system Training Farmer’s Hostel, Belgachia 13th-15th September, 2017
    17. Ten days training program for Animal Health Workers, Small Poultry Farmers and Dairy Farmers under Train the Trainer programmes sponsored by Agriculture Skill Council of India (ASCI) Training Farmer’s Hostel, Belgachia 2nd-11th November, 2017
    18. West Bengal State Rural Livelihood Mission (WBSRLM)  Sponsored 3 days’ Residential Workshop for the State Resource Team Workshop Farmer’s Hostel, Belgachia 11th – 13th December, 2017
    19. Capacity building on Aquaculture practices and Post Harvest Techniques Farmers’ training cum awareness programme Faculty of Fishery Sciences, Chakgaria 13th-15th December, 2017
    20. “Krishaker Mukhomukhi” on the theme of “Role of Farmers -Scientist and Agri-print and electronic media for Agricultural development  and convergence Interface Meeting of University VCI Auditorium, Belgachia Campus 4th January, 2018
    21. 5 days Training Program entitled “Control & Prevention of Livestock Diseases of Economic Importance” in collaboration with MANAGE, Hyderabad Training Farmer’s Hostel, Belgachia 15th-19th  January, 2018
    22. Orientation Training -cum- Refresher Course for the KVK personnel sponsored by ICAR-ATARI, Kolkata Training cum Refresher Course Farmer’s Hostel, Belgachia 30th January-6th February, 2018
    23. Training programme on “Aquaponics” Training North 24 Parganas KVK and Project site, Mohanpur, WBUAFS 7th – 8th February, 2018
    24. Entrepreneurship Development on Dairy Products Training cum awareness programme Farmer’s Hostel, Belgachia 19th-21st  February, 2017
    25. Integrated farming: adopting organic farming practices Training Farmer’s Hostel, Belgachia 19th-21st  March, 2017
    26. Farmers’ training programme under the project Livelihood Improvement of Poor and Tribal people through Livestock Based Enterprises of Selected villages of West Bengal under TSP Training Six Districts under TSP Project 12th -25th February, 2018