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    The department was established with the inception of the University during the year 1995. It has well established laboratory for UG, PG and Ph. D. Students. It has also farm and hatchery facilities for practical purposes of the students. All the pass outs of the department are well established as SMS in KVKs, Officers in nationalized banks, Faculty members in Universities, Govt. officials as Fishery extension officers.

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    Faculty: Faculty of Fishery Sciences
    Head of the Department. : Dr. Tapas Kumar Ghosh


    Qualification : M.Sc. & Ph. D.
    Designation : Professor
    Email : skdaswbuafs@gmail.com
    Phone : +91 9433130947


    National: 19
    International: 13
    Popular Articles: 10
    Manual: 05
    Books/ Books Chapter: 10


    Master Degree: 21
    Post Doctoral: 01

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    Qualification : M. Sc. & Ph. D.
    Designation : Professor
    Email :


    National: 20
    International: 02
    Popular Articles: 03
    Manual: 03
    Books/ Books Chapter: 0


    Master Degree: 21
    Post Doctoral: 01

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  • Course

    Course offered:

    Undergraduate Programme
    Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
    AQC-111 Principles of Aquaculture 1+1
    AQC-112 Fundamentals of Biochemistry 2+1
    AQC-123 Fresh Water Aquaculture 2+1
    AQC-124 Aquaculture in  Reservoirs 1+1
    AQC-215 Fish Food Organisms 1+1
    AQC-216 Ornamental Fish Production and Management 1+1
    AQC-217 Genetics and Breeding 1+1
    AQC-228 Finfish Hatchery Management 2+1
    AQC-229 Shellfish Hatchery Management 1+1
    AQC-210 Fish Nutrition and Feed Technology 2+1
    AQC-211 Coastal Aquaculture and Mariculture 2+1
    AQC-212 Introduction to Biotechnology and Bioinformatics 1+1
    Post-graduate programme
    Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
    AQC-501 Sustainable Aquaculture 2+1
    AQC-502 Soil and water quality management in Aquaculture 2+1
    AQC-503 Nutrition and feed technology 2+1
    AQC-504 Aquatic Environment Health Management 2+1
    AQC-505 Seed production and hatchery management of finfishes 2+1
    AQC-510 Freshwater aquaculture 2+1
    AQC-511 Larval nutrition and culture of food organisms 1+1
    AQC-591 Masters seminar 1+0
    AQC-599 Masters research 20
    Ph D Programme
    Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
    AQC-601 Advances in aquaculture production systems 2+1
    AQC-602 Advances in seed production and hatchery management 2+1
    AQC-603 Aquaculture and ecosystem management 2+1
    AQC-604 Aquatic animal health management and quarantine 1+1
    AQC-607 Intensive farming systems for Tilapia and cat fishes 1+1
    AQC-608 Aquaculture development Planning and Management 1+1
    AQC-691 Doctoral seminar I 1+0
    AQC-692 Doctoral seminar II 1+0
    AQC-699 Doctoral research 45
  • Project Completed / ongoing

    Sl.No. Title Name of PI Period Funding Agency Budget (Rs. in lakhs)
    1 Environmental Impact Assessment of Coastal Aquaculture in West Bengal: Coastal Aquatic Biodiversity Prof. S. K. Das 2003-2006 ICAR AP-Cess fund 13.47
    2 Integrated Management through Fish, Duck and Pig Culture in rice farming system Prof. T. K. Ghosh 1999-2005 ICAR-NATP
    3 Seed production of agricultural crops and fisheries 2005-2010 ICAR, New Delhi
  • Research Findings