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    Welcome to the Department of Veterinary Anatomy and Histology. The Department of Veterinary Anatomy & Histology of Veterinary Medicine came into existence in 1889, as one of the first departments, in the Bengal Veterinary College under Calcutta University. In the year 1974 this department came into existence under the Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences. Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswa Vidayalaya and was transferred to West Bengal University of Animal and Fishery Sciences, with effect from 2nd January 1995.

    The building of Anatomy at Belgachia campus was designed by Prof. Grossman, the father of Veterinary Anatomy while his visit to India and constructed in the year 1952. We are a multi-disciplinary department with responsibilities in instruction, research and continuing education in the disciplines or gross, microscopic and developmental anatomy.

    Post- graduate and Ph.D studies in the discipline of Veterinary Anatomy and Histology started from the year 1989. The department aims to provide high quality teaching and learning for undergraduate and postgraduate students. We are actively engaged with the basic sciences, clinical specialties and wider community to share its expertise.

    This Department places on record the meritorious services of Prof. S.N.Nandi, Prof. P.B.Kundu, Prof. P.Bhattacharya, Prof.N.G.Ghoshal, Dr.A.K.Patitunda, Prof. M.N.Chaudhury, Prof. M.M.Roy and Prof.R.K.Ghosh.


    We are having a good laboratory with all modern instruments for catering research in microscopical anatomy. The faculty members handled ICAR, DBT and Govt. of India sponsored projects.

    Research Activities:

    Research on gross anatomy, histomorphology, histogenesis, histochemistry, immunohistochemistry, electron microscopy and experimental studies of various organs of clinical/research importance of domestic animals and birds were carried out. Fifty M.V.Sc and twelve Ph.D thesis had been submitted since inception.

    Anatomical Museum:

    This department has established anatomical museum with a rich collection of specimens and models of domestic, wild animals and birds in a newly constructed building at Belgachia, Kolkata.

  • Faculty Member

    Faculty: Faculty of Veterinary & Animal Sciences
    Head of the Department. : Dr. Sanjay Ray


    Qualification : M.V.Sc & Ph. D.
    Designation : Professor
    Email : sanjayanatomy@yahoo.co.in
    Phone : 9433162951


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    Qualification : M.V.Sc. & Ph. D., PDF(Japan), FIAVA
    Designation : Professor
    Email : partho_vet67@rediffmail.com
    Phone : 9830445776


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  • Course

    Course offered:

    Undergraduate Programme
    Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
    VAN-111 Veterinary Gross Anatomy-I 1+2
    VAN-121 Veterinary Gross Anatomy-II 2+2
    VAN-211 Veterinary Histology and Embryology 2+2
    VAN-221 Veterinary Splanchnology and Applied Anatomy 1+1
    Post-graduate programme
    Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
    VAN-600 Master’s seminar 1
    VAN-601 Special Problem 1+2
    VAN-602 Comparative Splanchology 2+2
    VAN- 603 Mycology, Angiology, Neurology and Asthesiology of 1+3
    VAN-604 Gross Anatomical Techniques 0+2
    VAN-605 Theory and Practice of Histological and Histochemi 1+2
    VAN-606 General Histology and Ultrastructure 3+1
    VAN-607 Systemic Histology and Ultra Structure 3+1
    VAN-608 Developmental Anatomy 3+1
    VAN-609 Comparative Osteology and Arthrology 1+2
    VAN-690 Master’s Thesis Research 20
    Ph D
    Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
    VAN-701 Myology, Angiology, Neurology and Aesthesiology of 0+3
    VAN-702 Principles and Applications of Biomechanics 2+0
    VAN-703 Avian Anatomy 1+2
    VAN-704 Neuroanatomy 3+1
    VAN-705 Endocrine Anatomy 2+1
    VAN-706 Theory and Applications of Electron Microscope 2+1
    VAN-707 Histoenzymology and Immunocytochemistry 2+1
    VAN-708 Applied Embryology and Treatology 1+2
    VAN 709 Functional Veterinary Anatomy 2+0
    VAN-710 Gross Anatomy of Laboratory Animals 1+1
    VAN-788 Doctoral seminar I 1
    VAN 789 Doctoral Seminar-II 1
    VAN-790 Ph. D. Thesis Research 45

    * Compulsory for Master’s programme; ** Compulsory for Doctoral programme

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