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    The inception of this department occurred in 2011. The total number of M.F.Sc seats are 4 and so far 14 students have successfully completed their M.F.Sc from this department.

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    Faculty: Faculty of Fishery Sciences
    Head of the Department. : Dr. Somen Sahu


    Qualification : M.Sc. M.B.A & Ph. D.
    Designation : Professor
    Phone : +91 9007919901
    Mail ID: somenndp69@gmail.com


    National: 17
    International: 14
    Popular Articles: 01
    Manual: 0
    Books/ Books Chapter: 0


    Master Degree: 10
    Post Doctoral: 01

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  • Course

    Course offered:

    Undergraduate Programme
    Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
    FES-111 Elementary Statistics 1+1
    FES-112 Information & Communication Technology 1+1
    FNC-111 Communication Skills
    FES-213 Fisheries Economics 2+1
    FES-224 Statistical Methods 1+1
    FES-225 Fisheries Administration and Legislation 2+0
    FES-326 Financing and Marketing Management 1+1
    Post-graduate programme
    Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
    FEC-501 Microeconomics 2+0
    FEC-502 Macroeconomics 2+0
    FEC-504 Fisheries Resource Economics 2+1
    FEC-509 Fisheries Financing and Co-operation 1+1
    FEC-511 Indian Economy 2+0
    STM-501 Statistical methods 2+1
    PGS-502 Technical Writing and Communications Skills 0+1
    FEC-503 Economics of Development and Planning 2+1
    FEC-505 Marketing Management 1+1
    FEC-507 Project Formulation and Management 1+1
    FEC-510 Introduction to Econometrics 1+1
    FEC-599 Master’s Research 20
    FEC-591 Master’s Seminar 4
    Ph D Programme
    Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
    FEC-601 Advanced Economic Analysis 2+1
    FEC-602 Advanced Marketing and Price Analysis 2+1
    FEC-603 Advanced Econometrics 2+1
    FEC-604 Fisheries Planning and Policies 1+1
    FEC-608 Fisheries Goverance and Socio- Economics 1+1
    FEC-609 Research Methodology for Social Sciences 1+1
    FEC- Doctoral Research 45
    FEC- Doctoral Seminar 02
    Other Programme
    Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
    STM-501 Statistical Methods (M.F.Sc.) 2+1
    STM-601 Advanced Statistical Methods (Ph. D) 2+1
    STM-602 Software for Fisheries Data Analysis and Management 0+2
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