• Departmental profile

    The Department of Dairy Technology under the erstwhile Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyala was established in the year 1977 (first such department in eastern India) to cater to the need of Dairy Professionals for Dairy Processing plants, Training Institutes, Academic Institutions etc. in the country in general and in eastern India in particular. The department was initially engaged in teaching and training of dairy graduates upto 1994, thereafter it started imparting dairy education through teaching, training and research of Post-graduate and Doctoral students in the discipline of Dairy Technology along with teaching and training of students in B.Tech. (Dairy Technology) degree programme. Faculty members in the department also carry out research works under various projects. The department of dairy technology has also been entrusted with the responsibility of running the courses of Economics, Statistics and dairy management discipline since inception. The department has contributed immensely to largely meet the requirement of dairy professionals and also the research need in the relevant field of specialization in the country.

  • Faculty Member

    Faculty: Faculty of Dairy Technology
    Head of the Department. : Smt. Anindita Debnath


    Qualification : M.Sc. & Ph. D.
    Designation : Assistant Professor
    Email : aninditadebnath2009@gmail.com
    Phone: 9163384369





  • Course

    Course offered:

    Undergraduate Programme
    Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
    DT-111 Market Milk 3+1
    DT-122 Traditional Dairy Products 2+1
    DT-123 Fat Rich Dairy Products 2+1
    DT-234 Ice Cream & Frozen Deserts 2+2
    DT-235 Cheese Technology 3+2
    DT-246 Food Technology – I 3+1
    DT-247 Packaging of Dairy Products 2+1
    DT-358 Condensed and Dried Milk 3+2
    DT-359 Judging of Dairy Products 2+1
    DT-3610 By Products Technology 3+1
    DT-3611 In-Plant Training in Market Milk 1+2
    DT-4712 Food Technology – II 2+1
    DT-4713 Dairy Plant Management & Pollution Control 1+1
    DT-4814 In Plant Training in Product Plant 0+25
    MS-111 Milk Production Management & Dairy Development 2+1
    MS-112 Economic Analysis 2+0
    MS-123 Applied Mathematics 2+0
    MS-234 Marketing Management & International Trade 2+0
    MS-245 Financial Management & Cost Accounting 3+1
    MS-246 Entrepreneurship Development & Industrial Consultancy 2+0
    MS-367 Operation Research 2+0
    MS-478 Industrial Statistics 2+1
    MS-479 Dairy Extension Education 1+1
    Post-graduate programme
    Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
    DT-511 Advanced Dairy Processing 3+1
    DT-512 Advanced Food Processing 3+1
    DT-514 Dairy Processing Bio-Technology 2+1
    DT-515 Traditional & Value Added Dairy Product 2+1
    DT-521 Membrane Technology in Dairy Processing 2+1
    DT-523 Alternate Processes for the Dairy & Food Industries 2+1
    DT-524 Functional Foods & New Product Development 3+1
    Ph D
    Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
    DT-591 Master Seminar 1+0
    DT-599 Master Research 0+20
    DT-611 Advance in Lipid Technology 3+0
    DT-612 Advances in Protein Technology 3+0
    DT-621 Product Monitoring and Process Control 3+0
    DT-622 R & D Management in Dairy Industry 3+0
    DT-691 Doctoral Seminar – I 1+0
    DT-699 Doctor Research 0+45
    ES-525 Dairy Business Management 2+1
    ES-529 Statistic in Industrial Application 3+1

    * Compulsory for Master’s programme; ** Compulsory for Doctoral programme

  • Project Completed / ongoing

    Sl.No. Title Name of PI Period Funding Agency Budget (Rs. in lakhs)
    1 R&D Support for Process Upgradation of Indigenous Milk Products for Industrial Application Dr. Sisir Kumar Gangopadhyay 1997-2012 ICAR, New Delhi 144.140
    2 Experiential Learning Unit on ‘Processing of Milk and Milk Products Dr. Malay Kumar Sanyal 2011-2012 ICAR, New Delhi 95.250
  • Research Findings

    Project Research Findings
    R&D Support for Process Upgradation of Indigenous Milk Products for Industrial Application
    Experiential Learning Unit on ‘Processing of Milk and Milk Products