Patents Filed:

SL No. Patent on Name of the Technology Developer Application No. Application Date
1. A process for preparing Animal choncal cartilage for transplantation Dr. Samit Kumar Nandi
Dr. S. N. Joardar
Dr. B. K. Biswas
Dr. S. Batabyal
Dr. R. N. Bhattacharya (from collaborating inst.)
249/KOL/2015 (Indian Patent filed) 09.03.2015
2. “Fabrication of silk protein film from Indian tropical tasar silk Antheraea mylitta for use as corneal scaffold” Dr Sarbani Hazra
Prof SC Kundu (from collaborating inst.)
365/KOL/2015 (Indian Patent filed) March 2015
3. Detection kit for Aeromonas hydrophila infection in fish and method of detecting the same Vety. Microbiology, VAS 1175/KOL/2015 A (Indian Patent filed) 19.11.2015