SL No. Technology Developed
1. Region-specific mineral supplement production for livestock in West Bengal
2. Recycling of Rumen Offal’s Effect of supplementation of emulsifiers in Broiler Chickens
3. Recycling of Rumen Offal’s Utilisation of slaughter house waste as animal feed
4. Recycling of Rumen Offal’s Development of Pureline White ducks for shuttle cock production
5. Copro-antigen detection ELISA for early diagnosis of caprine oesophagostomosis
6. Bio-climatograph as a tool for forecasting economically significant level of gastro-intestinal parasitism in ruminant livestock
7. Identification of anti-coccidial bio-molecules of a marine snail
8. Development of ceramic based implantable delivery system for sustained release of the drugs for the treatment of osteomyelitis in human patients
9. Developed live attenuated lentogenic strain Ranikhet Disease vaccine from local isolate of Ranikhet Disease vaccine
10. Developed modified/purified F strain and R2B strain vaccines from commercial available vaccine
11. Influence of corneal nerve regeneration on wound healing and its therapeutic modulation
12. Development and fabrication of square meshes technology for selective fishing